Project TOEKOMS – Paving the way for Namibia’s future of sustainable, year-round farming. Installation of a ‘commercial scale aquaponics training facility‘ in Stampriet.

1. Project Owners and JV-Partners
2. Selected Site for the Aquaponics Training Facility

2.1   Location

  • In Stampriet/Namibia (domiciled in the South-East of Windhoek)
  • This small town has a current population of about 3,000 people and is considered an oasis in this mostly dry country.
  • The area is renowned for its abundant underground water source in the form of the Stampriet Artesian Aquifer, which recent hydrogeological studies have confirmed to be sustainable against the water requirements of a large-scale development

2.2   Property

  • Plot B/62 a portion of land title 62 with Mr Johan Rieckert as current land owner
  • Plot size: 20 hectares
  • Altitude: 1,186 meters above sea-level
  • Application for the issuance of a sectional title for B/62 currently in preparation
  • Property ownership will be transferred to ROOTS Integrated Aquaculture before construction phase will kick-off


Zoning of ROOTS Village in Stampriet


2.3   Illustrative images of the plot

Panorama shot of the site.

Left shot of the pano.

Middle shot of the pano.

Right shot of the pano.


3. Tentative layout plan and dimensions of the Aquaponics Training Facility

3.1     Google Earth view on simulated layout plan


3.2     Complete layout plan


3.3     Layout plan aquaculture building


3.4     Floor space dimensions


4. 3D views of the Facility

4.1   Photo Renders


4.2   Selected 3D prints from technical AutoCad drawings – Exterior view of Facility




4.3   Level of technical 3D drawing details on the example of multi-cell raceway and filter infrastructure of the RAS module


5. First thoughts for expansion phase

5.1   Infrastructure Expansion

  • Double annual fish production capacity
  • Diversify the crop-mix by extending the veggie compartment
  • Installation of a solar power plant (ideally off-grid solution depending on energy storage price developments)
  • Add a farm manager residential house to the premise
  • Run trials on mush room production by extending the multi-loop aquaponics production circle

5.2   Preliminary drawings



6. More to come

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